Simple Self-Serve Advertising

Buy and sell ads directly. Our CPM-driven auction model helps buyers and sellers maximize value by meeting supply and demand with transparency.
  • Transparent Bidding

    When placing a bid on an ad unit, ad buyers have access to detailed statistics about that ad unit and its audience. Our bidding interface displays the strength of bids being placed as well as estimated impressions and cost.
  • Auction Model

    Our CPM-based auction model drives bidding demand by maximizing advertiser value. Bid Glass auctions run at second-price, meaning advertisers can confidently bid their maximum rate and achieve their bid rate when demand is high and a discounted rate when demand is low.
  • Anti-Adblock

    One of our premier features is having the ability to display ads to adblock users. Robust ad approval and moderation tools enable publishers to maintain advertising quality on their websites.