Self-Serve Ad Sales Through Prebid

Bid Glass powers self-serve ad sales that simply plugs into Prebid. Let direct advertisers bid against your programmatic demand with minimal setup.

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Why Choose Bid Glass

Self-Serve Made Easy

Already using Prebid?
Just add our bidder to add direct demand to your stack.

Grow Ad Revenue

Capture more deals, cut out middlemen, and recover inventory lost to adblockers.

Streamline Ad Sales

Direct deals are as easy as approving creatives with Bid Glass.

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How Bid Glass Drives Ad Revenue


Invite direct advertisers to create and manage their own campaigns. All you need to do is approve their creatives.

Prebid Integration

Be your own Prebid demand source—simply add our bidder adapter to let direct advertisers bid against your programmatic demand.

Streamline Direct Deals

Bring on thousands of advertisers without the cost of manual administration. Let your team focus on high value tasks instead of line items.

Reclaim Adblock Dollars

Our optional adblock recovery turns blocked ads into displayed ads, reclaiming your lost ad revenue.

Attract More Advertisers

Are you turning away potential advertisers because you’re making it difficult for them to advertise on your property? Welcome them instead, with Bid Glass.

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Bid Glass Features

  • Transparent Bidding

  • Creative Approval

  • Versatile Targeting

  • Adblock Recovery

  • Detailed Reporting

  • Prebid Integration

Transparent Bidding

Bid Glass helps advertisers make informed bidding decisions with detailed ad unit statistics, bid strength indicators, and campaign forecasting tools.

Advertisers are notified whenever their campaigns go live or are outbid, keeping them engaged and informed.

Creative Approval Tools

It’s easy to maintain advertising quality on your properties with our creative approval tools.

As advertisers create campaigns, you’ll be notified when new creatives are available for review. Review and approve new creatives before they go live or auto-approve new creatives and review them later. You can also limit auto-approval to specific advertisers.

Versatile Targeting

Choose from several targeting options out of the box such as location and device targeting. We also support custom targeting values which can be defined freely by you.

Run a car website? Let advertisers target car makes. Run a movie website? Let advertisers target genres, actors, or specific films. Set up the targeting that makes sense for your unique content and your advertisers.

Adblock Recovery

Reclaim ad inventory and revenue lost to adblockers. Bid Glass can serve direct campaigns to visitors who use adblockers by re-routing ad requests through your own site’s domain.

Detailed Reporting

Keep track of ad performance and earnings, including individual campaign performance.

Bid Glass pays publishers on a NET-30 basis, so payments are never far behind earnings.

Prebid Integration

Use our official Prebid.js bidder for header bidding integration. This is the preferred method of integrating with Bid Glass because it allows you to combine your direct and programmatic demand through Prebid.

We also offer alternative integrations, such as direct tags with a fallback option.

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